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Bespoke Script-Writing Service



This personal service is completely written for you and about you both from the start to the finish. Through a questionnaire form that you will complete, I will create a script that shares your thoughts on love, marriage, each other, your relationship and your personalities. It will include your very own love story- from how you met right up until the present wedding day.

I have spent many hours researching and compiling documents with ideas for readings, vows, ring-exchange wordings and music so that choosing them is easy and seamless. If you would prefer, you can research them (or even write them- I can help with this!) and we can add them in.

Through an initial face-to-face meeting, I will get to know you both as a couple which will help me form the basis of your script. Then I will send you the first draft to read through and we can make any amendments until it is perfect and you are happy with what I will read on your wedding day. There will be no surprises unless of course you’d like it all kept secret!


If this is something that you would like, I will contact friends or family members to ask for their own thoughts and memories of you as a couple to allow your wedding guests an even more honest, omniscient view of your relationship. Again, this can be kept as a surprise for you all to enjoy together on your day or you can read the comments before.


The bespoke ceremony lasts around 30 minutes, but symbolic elements- such as sand unity rituals, candle lighting and hand fasting - will add to this time. Such rituals are perfect if you’d like to further individualize your wedding and can provide you with a keepsake for your day.

If you wish, you can sign a symbolic wedding certificate (that is personally designed to fit with your wedding theme) as a memory for you to cherish from your special day.


** These are optional extras and will incur a small, pre-arranged fee if any resources need to be purchased. There are many more to choose from - as well as creating personal rituals due to your own interests - so check out the final page of this brochure and let me know if this is something that you wish to consider.

Classic Ceremony Service


This service will still build a ceremony that is tailored with your own choice of music, readings and vows, however it follows an already-scripted order of contents.


This is ideal if you know that you would like a non-religious ceremony that is personal to you, but does not require as much time to plan with less elements to consider.

If this is something that you are interested in, please contact me and I can show you an example template so that you can make a decision.

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Love-Story Telling Service


This service lasts for about 20 minutes and entwines your legal ceremony and the guests there with the reception that is to follow. After your vows have been said, you have signed the papers and are legally husband and wife, I will narrate your very own love story at the start of the reception for all to hear, before raising a glass (if you wish!) and toasting to you both to let the celebrations commence.

This service is similar to the Bespoke Script Writing Service, as it is completely chosen by you. The only difference is that it does not include any vows or promises and is more of a narration of your words on marriage, love, each other and your love story.

Readings can still be added and read by guests - perhaps even guests from the reception as a way to include them in the later celebrations! It is the perfect way to bring both parties together so that all can listen to your unique story and understand the journey that has bought them to this special day that is being celebrated.


After hearing your unique script, there may be words and phrases that will resonate with you from your wedding day. I offer a print and design service whereby specific quotes, readings, your vows or words about each other can be taken from your script, designed, printed and framed for you to keep.


These are often popular as gifts for your first Christmas as a married couple or anniversaries and are the perfect memory to keep around your home alongside pictures of your day.

Please enquire for more information on prices or to share your ideas, as each design will be specific to your wedding and wishes.

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Other Services

If you would like to find out more about other script-writing services - such as elopements, speech-writing, vow renewals or baby-naming ceremonies - then please get in contact and we can have a chat.

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